CSS Gender Studies Paper 2019

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Question No 2: How do you differentiate the discipline of Gender Studies from that of Women Studies? Historically trace the need for the establishment of Gender Studies as a distinct discipline and its scope and significance with especial reference to Pakistan.

Question No 3: Outline and explain the three major waves of feminist movements in the West. Discuss the influence of these waves on feminist movements in Pakistan.

Question No 4: Explain the relevance of Modernization Theory and Dependency Theory to gender equality. Critically analyze the subordination of women in modern societies in the light of these two theories.

Question No 5: The process of globalization has connected nations worldwide and has made the world a global village, yet it has also increased inequalities across nations. Discuss the gendered inequalities created and promoted by the process of globalization in contemporary societies worldwide.

CSS Gender Studies Paper 2020

Question No 6: Women’s participation in labor force has increased recently yet women continue to perform their reproductive roles. Discuss the challenges encountered by women as a result of their paid employment worldwide with especial reference to Pakistan.

Question No 7: Explain the structural and direct forms of violence against women in the Pakistani society by highlighting the case study of Mukhtaran Mai.

Question No 8: Write short notes on any TWO of the following. (10 each)

a. Suffragist movement

b. Postmodern Feminism

c. Structural Functionalism

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