General Science MCQs Part I

We have collected these MCQs from various to help you in your preparation for your upcoming tests and examinations. We have tried our best to avoid mistakes in the following multiple choice questions but still if you find any mistake please help us to correct it by mentioning the right answer in the comment section.

General Science MCQs Part I

1 With the present level of space exploration, how much man knows about the size of universe?

It is not possible to know the size of universe

2 What is Milky Way?

It is the name of galaxy to which our solar system belongs

3 The Law of Gravitation was propounded by


4 What humidity means?

The presence of water vapours in the air

5 Is dry air a good conductor of electricity?


6 The growth of our sexual organs are associated with

Pituitary glands

7 A porpoise is a


8 Who discovered Nitrogen Gas?

Daniel Rutherford

9 What does Mass in Physics means?

The quantity of matter inside a body

10 Fossils are

The remains of plants and animals buried ages ago

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