MCQs About Rivers Of Pakistan

MCQs about rivers of Pakistan. General knowledge about rivers of Pakistan. Rivers of Pakistan MCQ. MCQs about rivers of Pakistan.Rivers of Pakistan Quiz questions and answers. MCQs about rivers of Pakistan.

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MCQs About Rivers Of Pakistan

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1 What is Panjnad?

Name of a river

2 The length of Panjnad is

74 Kilometers

3 Panjnad falls in

River Indus

4 Panjnad comprised of how many rivers?

Four (4)

5 The four rivers that makes Panjnad are

Ravi, Sutlej, Jhelum and Chenab

6 All the four unitary rivers of Panjnad combines at which area?

At Panjnad

7 River Jhelum and Chenab meat at


8 At which area, all the rivers of Punjab enter into Indus?

Kot Mithan

9 Attock River is the another name of

Indus River

10 Which is the smallest river of Pakistan?

Ravi River

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