MCQs Of Political Science

MCQs Of Political Science. MCQs Of Political Science.

MCQs Of Political Science

The following MCQs of Political Science have been collected from different books and internet for your preparation for various competitive tests and interviews. We have tried our utmost to avoid any sort of mistake and error but still if you find any, please inform us.

1 Who is called the ‘The Intellectual Father Of French Revolution’?


2 The concept of ‘General Will’ was introduced by


3 Karl Marx is known for his theory of

Materialistic interpretation of history

4 ‘Man is a social and political animal’ is the statement of


5 The center of learning to the Greeks was the city of


6 Hobbes is a

Social Contractualist thinker

7 ‘Principle of Utility’ as a formula was the idea of

Jeremy Bentham

8 Modern political thought begins with


9 Plato was an


10 ‘Two Treatises on Civil Government’ were the basis of political thoughts of

John Locke

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