Problems With Tax Culture In Pakistan

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Problems With Tax Culture In Pakistan

Taxing people is one of the major sources of a state’s revenue system. A tax is a financial charge that a government imposed on taxpayers through different means. Revenue generated through tax is then invested by the government in various public development projects. Basic principle of taxation is to tax the rich and spend the money for the welfare of all and sundry.

problems with tax culture in pakistan

Challenges To Tax Culture In Pakistan

Pakistan is one among the few states whose tax system has many loopholes and therefore the country is facing an acute budget deficit problem. As long as these problems are not addressed properly the country cannot progress economically.

Narrow Tax Base

The tax base of Pakistan’s tax system is narrow which means that some sectors such as agriculture has been exempted from taxation. Similarly some sectors are not taxed as per their performance and some taxpayers successfully evade tax payment.

Undocumented Property

It has also been observed that in Pakistan the elite class usually documented their properties with fake names or with the names of their relatives. In this way they either succeeded in tax evasion or in reduction of payable amount.

Money Laundering

It is another major hurdle in tax collection system in Pakistan. This problem gained much attention in Pakistan after Panama Leaks scandal. Almost all political elites of Pakistan are involved in this crime. These days we see that the chairman of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) are facing trial in money laundering case.

Intentional Ignorance Of Political Elites

The intentional ignorance of political leaders towards the enhancement and development of a strong tax culture in the country is also a major problem. One of the major reasons behind the lack of political will of the political leaders of the country is their involvement in tax evasion practices.

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Politically Paralyzed Institutions

Another major problem with tax culture in Pakistan is that the corrupt political leaders of the country through their political powers have paralyzed all the tax collecting institutions. Due to this reason tax collecting agencies failed to collect targeted level of tax every year.

Large Number Of Taxation Agencies

Large number of tax collecting agencies is also a problem. In Pakistan more than Seventy taxes are collected and managed by Thirty Five agencies. Such a large number of agencies have made the collection process much intricate.

Public Reluctance

Public reluctance to tax payment has made the tax culture even more worsen. Taxpayers in order to avoid tax payment create many hurdles for the agents that not only slow the process but also results in low rate of collection.

Corrupt Agents

Corrupt agents of the national tax collecting agencies that either for monetary or political motives help taxpayers in tax evasion, is also a major problem.

Low Public Awareness

Public low awareness about the benefits of the payment of tax is another major problem.

One of the major reasons behind all the above mentioned problems is the lack of trust of people in national institutions and government. Over the past decades if government has sincerely invested tax money for the welfare of people and the country then today we would not face most of these challenges. The eighteenth century Americans’ famous notion “No Taxation without Representation” exactly defines the reluctant behavior of Pakistani taxpayers.

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