Sex VS Gender Debate in Gender Studies

The post will help you to understand “Sex VS Gender debate in Gender Studies. Sex VS Gender debate in Gender Studies and in Sociology. Sex VS Gender definition and the difference between the two.”

Sex VS Gender Debate in Gender Studies

Both the terms Sex and Gender have not only different meanings but they also have different concept regarding the social division of human beings on the basis of their appearance and capabilities. Both these terms are often used interchangeably by layman. Therefore to know difference between sex and gender it is necessary to understand their concept.

Status Of Women’s And Gender Studies In Pakistan

Sex divides individuals of a society on the basis of their physiological and biological differences. It categorized people into two groups’ i.e. male and female. This division occurs on the basis of some set characteristics such physical appearance and procreative qualities of the person. Sex is natural which means there is no role of society in its creation and division.

Understanding Gender Mainstreaming

Gender is the social division of roles, responsibilities, behavior and attributes among people on the basis of their respective sex. It set some boundaries for both male and female within which they are required to behave and act. Gender actually redefine and represent sex in society by attributing different roles, responsibilities and behavior to each sex.


Sex Versus Gender Debate

sex versus gender debate in gender studies

Some major characteristics of Sex and Gender have been pointed out below. These characteristics will help you in better understanding difference between the two concepts.

Sex: Some major characteristics of the concept of sex are:

  • It is natural.
  • It is biological.
  • It is visible in the form of physical differences.
  • It divides people into male and female.
  • It cannot be changed.

Nature VS Nurture Debate in Gender Studies

Gender: Some prominent features of the concept gender are given below.

  • It is socially constructed.
  • It is acquired.
  • It is visible in the form of difference in roles, responsibilities and behavior.
  • It divides people into masculine and feminine category.
  • It can be changed.

Gender Studies help us in understanding and addressing different issues such as subordination and discrimination that emerged in society as a result of gender based differences.

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