The Importance Of Deen in Human Life CSS

The article discusses “The importance of Deen in Human Life. The Importance Of Religion in Human Life. The importance of Deen in Human Life.”

The Importance Of Deen in Human Life CSS

In Arabic language the term Deen is used in different meanings but by evaluating all of them we find that they are focused on four basic concepts. These are; A) Sovereignty and Dominance of an almighty B) Obedience and Submission of subjects towards the almighty C) Rules and Regulation, demarcated by the omnipotent, to be followed D) Judgement and Reward and Retribution. In terms of Holy Quran the word Deen means a complete code of life. It has the following four basic components.

  • Sovereignty and dominance of Allah Almighty
  • Obedience and submission of people to the will of Allah
  • Rules and regulation directed by Allah through His Messenger and Prophets (PBUH).
  • Judgement and reward and retribution by Allah
importance of deen in human life

The Concept Of Islam

In our lives religion has an unprecedented importance. It is as important as food for life. It is the need of soul. Without religion life seems purposeless. Life on earth is not eternal therefore religion explains the purpose of life on earth.

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Another very important aspect of Deen is it introduces us with our God. It brings us closer to Him and explains the relationship between Creator and creatures. It describes who we should pray and who we should ask for help in time of need.

Difference Between Deen And Religion

Deen also helps us in regulating our lives and daily activities. It explains what is good and bad for us and forbad us from going near the evils by creating limits. Deen explicitly describes the difference between Amr Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkir (bidding the good and forbidding the bad).

Life on earth is not meaningless and purposeless. This is what Deen taught us. We have been created and sent here for a purpose. We are liable for our every action that we do in this world and in life hereafter we will be judge and will be rewarded or retributted accordingly.  This concept totally nullifies the famous belief that we are free in our life as there is no absolute freedom because one day we will be asked for our actions. Therefore we should be more careful in our action and beliefs.

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The above arguments show the importance of Deen in our lives. We human beings need religion in our life as without it life makes no sense and without Deen we will be in total loss.


The above article is based both on the author’s own ideas and concept presented by Professor Khurshed Ahmad in his book “Islami Nazrea-i-Hayat”. For more details please read the book. 

Tags: The Importance Of Deen in Human Life CSS. The Importance Of Deen in Human Life CSS. The Importance Of Deen in Human Life CSS.

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