CSS Environmental Science Paper 2018

CSS Environmental Science Paper 2018. Environmental Science Paper CSS 2018. Environmental Science CSS Paper 2018. CSS 2018 Environmental Science Paper.

Environmental Science CSS Paper 2019


Q. No. 2 (a) Write a detail note on Alternative Energy Resources. (10)

(b) What are the Environmental Impacts on food production? (10) (20)

Q. No. 3 (a) What are the events that triggered the interest in bioremediation? (07) (20)

(b) What are different steps in anaerobic treatment for biogas generation? (07)

(c) Write a note on Environmental Geology. (06)

Q. No. 4 What is meant by smog? Explain the main causes of smog in Punjab. Summarise the effect of key meteorological factors on dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere. (20) (20)

Q. No. 5 (a) Elaborate the concept of greenhouse effect and its importance to global climate. (08)

(b) What are drivers and indicators of Climate Change and how they effects (20) the natural and societal system. (12)

Q. No. 6 (a) What are the key factors of National Climate Change Policy 2012? (10)

(b) Write a brief note on National Drinking Water Policy 2009. (10) (20)

Q. No. 7 (a) Discuss Briefly some Common Types Occupational Health & Safety Hazards. (05)

(b) Give a brief about Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedural (20) stages? In the context of EIA, what type of information is gathered when establishing a baseline? (15)

Q. No. 8 Write short notes on any FOUR of the Following:

(a) Wetlands

(b) Carbon Footprints

(c) Ozone Depletion

(d) REDD+

(e) Desertification

(f) GIS & Remote Sensing

CSS Environmental Science Paper 2017 

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