Environmental Science CSS Paper 2019

Environmental Science CSS Paper 2019. CSS Environmental Science Paper 2019. Environmental Science Paper CSS 2019. CSS 2019 Environmental Science Paper.

CSS Environmental Science Paper 2020


Q. No. 2. How is hazardous waste classified? What are the various options for handling hazardous waste? (20)

Q. No. 3. What are the various mechanisms involved in atmospheric SO2 removal? (20)

Q. No. 4. Eutrophication is a phenomena caused by the abnormal growth of algae in a water body. What are the reasons of algal bloom and how can this phenomenon be controlled? (20)

Q. No. 5. Describe and differentiate between stated and revealed preferences methods used for valuing the environmental resources. (20)

Q. No. 6. What is the importance of public participation in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process? What is the difference between EIA and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)? (20)

Q. No. 7. Pakistan is located in a semi arid region of the world, hence is more prone to climate change effects. Explain what adaptation measures will be feasible in the situations of worst climate change in regions like Pakistan? (20)

Q. No. 8. What are the five major air pollutants coming out of fire burning process? Smog formation occurs due to certain air pollutants. What means and ways can be used for its control?

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