CSS Gender Studies Paper 2016

CSS Gender Studies paper 2016. Gender Studies CSS paper 2016. Gender Study past papers. Gender Studies CSS 2016 paper.

Question No 2: Write a note on status of women’s studies in Pakistan and give your views on the autonomy/integration debate in Women’s Studies.

Question No 3: What are the sites and forms of violence against women in Pakistan and how in your view this menace can be eliminated from our society?

Question No 4: What are the pros and cons of gender quota in politics? Give your views on the impact of gender quota in politics in Pakistan.

Gender Studies CSS Paper 2018

Question No 5: Write a note on women’s movement in Pakistan. What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Question No 6: What are the theories of social construction of gender?

Question No 7: What is feminism? In what way Radical feminism is different from Socialist feminism?

Question No 8: Critically review the Gender and Development Approaches on the following:
(i) Women in Development (WID)
(ii) Women and Development (WAD)
(iii) Gender and Development (GAD)

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