Gender Studies CSS Paper 2017

Gender Studies CSS paper 2017. CSS Gender Studies paper 2017. CSS 2017 Gender Study paper.

Question No 2: Define and discuss the discipline of gender studies and also differentiate between women studies and gender studies.

Question No 3: What are the different forms of gender based violence and in your opinion what could be the workable strategies to eliminate gender based violence from Pakistani society?

Question No 4: “Women active political participation could stabilize democracy and boost economic development.” Comment on this statement within context of socio-economic realities of Pakistani society.

Gender Studies CSS Paper 2018

Question No 5: What is the status of women’s health in Pakistan? How it could be improved within available economic resources?

Question No 6: Powerful forces of globalization have highlighted various gender issues across cultures and throughout globe.” Discuss by quoting examples from developing countries.  

Question No 7: Write a comprehensive note on autonomy versus integration in gender studies.

Question No 8: Write short notes on the following.

Honor Killing

Gender and development

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