Education For Varied Talents CSS Essay

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Education For Varied Talents

education for varied talents

According to Martin Luther King Junior ‘‘Education has both a utilitarian and moral function.’’


What is talent?

  • A natural ability or capability to do something is called talent.
  • It is a natural aptitude or skill.

The purpose of education

  • Helped in developing good moral behavior, skill and responsibility.
  • Guard of social, cultural and historical assets.
  • In 21st century, its purpose is to explain natural and engineered environment and how people live in world?

Education for varied talents

  • Talent based educational system has both positive and negative impacts on students.

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Positive effects of education for varied talents

  • Highlight hidden talent.
  • Foster the talent.
  • Expand the scope of discipline.
  • Produces professionals.
  • New inventions and theories.

Negative effects of education for varied talents

  • It may limit person’s scope of knowledge.
  • Talent of illiterate will perished.
  • Evil ideas and inventions.
  • Distraction from religion.

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Education for varied talents and Pakistan’s case

  • Lack of government interest.
  • Limited number of institutions.
  • Public ignorance.


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