Education Produce Thinkers Not Followers CSS Essay

The post is about “Education produce thinkers not followers essay. Critical thinking skills for leadership development. Educational leadership qualities. Schools produces leaders. Education produce thinker not follower essay.”

Education Produce Thinkers Not Followers

education produce thinkers not followers


Purpose of education

  • Helped in developing good moral behavior, skill and responsibility.
  • Guard of social, cultural and historical assets.
  • In 21st century, its purpose is to explain natural and engineered environment and how people live in world?

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Who are thinkers and followers?

Thinkers are;

  • Leaders
  • Discoverers
  • Inventors

Followers are;

  • Supporters
  • Dependent
  • Followers

How education produce thinkers not followers?

  • Education develops the skill of critical thinking in students.
  • Highlight hidden talents in students and foster it.
  • Encourage the concept of self dependence in seekers.
  • Produce professional and skilled personnel.
  • Education led to new invention and discoveries.
  • Help in developing new ideas, concepts and theories.


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