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Reforms In Examination System in Pakistan

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Education For Varied Talents

Reforms In Examination System in Pakistan

As life without challenges is meaningless, similarly learning without assessment is useless. If education taught people examination expertise them. Examination is an integral part of every education system and it is conducted to choose best from better.  A good assessment system means a good process of segregation and which in turn means maximum chances to get required results in the form of professional human capital. Unfortunately like education system, the examination system of most of the third world countries and particularly Pakistan, has many flaws due to which the assessment system is not providing the required and expected results. It is now call of the time that these problems should be resolved on emergency bases without any further delay because it is in the best interest of our youth and nation.

Role Of Education in Character Building

Before we discuss and point problems in our examination system, it is important that we first define examination system and its history. ‘‘An examination is an assessment of test-taker’s knowledge, ability, skills, aptitude and physical ability in any field.’’The form of examination can be oral, theoretical or practical depending upon the intention and requirements of the test administrators.  The practice of nationwide test was first adopted by Sui Dynasty of ancient China in 605 A.D. (source Wikipedia) which was later adopted by England in 1806 with some modifications. The purpose of assessment has always been remained the same, which is to assess the required knowledge and skills of the applicants, necessary for the post, applied.  

The examination system of Pakistan has many flaws which are mainly due to the poor performance of the administration at all, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level. Some major problems in the assessment system have been pointed out in below paragraphs.

Higher Education is An Agent Of Change

One of the first problems of our examination system is that students are tested in traditional and out-dated way. In exam, focus is mainly given on theoretical knowledge rather than on practical. Students are asked what they have learnt in books rather than in practical life from that knowledge. Similarly students are required to write down exactly the same answers on answer-sheet which they have been taught in class and they are not allowed to produce from their own mind. This method is making our students ‘‘hen picked’’ in one way or another. In class generally those students are appraised by the teachers who are good memorizer and not those who have good concept of the topic.

Can We Do Without English

Another major flaw of the existing examination system is the increase use of unfair means (UFM) by the students for getting high marks, especially at Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level. Favouritism in returns of financial consideration by the invigilation staff in examination halls and the support and encouragement of students by their parents makes the situation worse.

Challenges in Higher Education

In assessments both at academic and at professional level, focus is mainly given to theoretical rather than practical understanding. This type of tests especially in recruitment have severe effects on an organization overall performance because the untrained and unprofessional personnel takes time to seek the practical work. In academic institutions the practice of parrot-fashion learning is very common. Students memorize class work without even understanding their meaning and concept.

Role Of Education in Economic Development

The shabby condition of examination halls is another major flaw of our examination system. Assessment centres usually do not contain needed furniture such as chairs, disks and fans. And even if the furniture is available, it is not in useable condition. In some areas even examination halls fell short and then students have to take test in open on bare ground. Examination halls are usually small in capacity and do not contain any modern technology for better assessment such as the use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras.

Similarly recruitment tests in Pakistan are also based on traditional method. These tests are usually conducted on papers with high chances of nepotism which has made the selection system irregular and unfair.  

Co-education – Merits And Demerits

Lack of proper selection system for the appointment of invigilation staff is another major flaw in our examination systems. Sometimes corrupt invigilators are selected who then practices favouritism in test centres.

Recruitment tests especially those that are conducted for appointment in civil and private organizations by the private testing organization have created a havoc of disappointment in students and applicants because these organizations have often found corrupt and guilty of practicing nepotism in recruitment process.

Education Of Freedom

The above mentioned flaws of examination system have not only destroyed the nature of our assessment systems but it has also weakened the spirit of competition and hard work in students and has promoted the practice unfair means in them. To resolve all these problems and raise the standard of examination systems to the required level, the government should take the following reforms steps on emergency bases.

Such testing methods should be adopted that not only check the ability but also the capability of the students. Exams should be conducted for testing the level of understanding of seekers and not their blind memorization skill. Similarly a system for the assessment of practical knowledge of students and applicants should also be introduced at all level of testing.

Effects Of Globalization On Education

The government should also make sure strict check and balance system in exams to prevent students from using any backdoors for achieving high marks in the exams. In this regard it is necessary that special awareness programme should be launched by arranging meetings with parents at different levels and obliged them to not support and encourage their children for taking any deceptive step for success in exams.

The government should also make sure that equal importance should be given both to theory and practice during learning and testing systems. It is necessary that first the arrangement of practical learning system in schools is to be made because students would be able to take practical tests only if they have practiced at schools.

Meaning And Purpose Of Education

Similarly full fledge examination halls should be constructed at regional levels. These test centres should not only contain all required tools and furniture but they also must have enough capacity to accommodate large number of students and test takers.

In recruitment tests government should make sure the availability and use of modern testing equipment such as computer, CCTV cameras and biometric authentication of candidates. The use of these tools will not only help in better assessment of the aspirants but also will be useful in making the selection system more transparent.

To make the examination halls more regulated, the first step that government should take is the adaptation of a thorough system of inspection of the moral character of the invigilation staff. Testing centres could work properly only if the invigilation staffs are strictly adhered to the rules and regulation of the examination. To prevent supervisors from favouritism in testing centres, their remuneration should be increased. Similarly special training courses should also be arranged to guide and trained invigilators so that they could professionally handle students in test centres during exams.

The system of examination as a whole should be arranged in such a way that it encourage healthy competition among students. It should encourage among students the spirit of contest and hard work and stop them from cheating. This can be done only by making the testing system more regulated.

Youth of every nation are their future state builders. It is necessary that the assessment system should be conducted in such a way that it produces thinkers and not followers. Such a system should be arranged that highlight and promote hidden skills of the candidates. Private testing organizations should only be allowed to work if they are ready to work under the predefined rules and regulations of the government. Similarly these organizations and their staff scrutinization from time to time should be kept in practice to ensure the assessment system work properly.

Examination system is an integral part of learning and teaching process. Students can only successfully join professional fields if they are judged properly, after due time of learning, from to time. Better examination system helps in bringing the most talented students to front which are considered real assets of a country in twenty first century. No doubt the examination systems of most of the third world countries including Pakistan have many flaws but these can be removed only by adopting a dynamic reform policy.

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