Religious Extremism And Intolerance

The post is about ” Rise Of Religious Extremism And Intolerance essay. Causes of religious extremism and intolerance and how to tackle it down? Essay on religious extremism.”

Religious Extremism And Intolerance

religious extremism and intolerance

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  • Islam stress on moderate and balanced behavior in both worldly and religious affairs.
  • Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • An intolerance and extremism is on the rise.

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Extremism and religious intolerance

  • Despite of knowledge explosion in twenty first century tolerance and moderation is meager.
  • More divided society with extreme sentiments towards each other.

Causes of the issue

  • Social unrest.
  • Unjust division of economic resources.
  • Social and legal injustice.
  • Misinterpretation of religious teachings.
  • Molding religious sentiments of general public.
  • Biased education system.
  • State’s inability to address them.
  • Fudge broadcasting of media.

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How to tackle down?

  • Ensure social peace.
  • Equitable division of economic resources.
  • Speedy justice.
  • Mainstreaming all religious institutions especially madrassas.
  • Prohibition on extremist sermons and teachings.
  • Addressing all issues of education system.
  • Control over media.

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  • A decrease has been observed in terrorism in Pakistan since 2014 but extremism is on the rise.
  • Latent nature of extremism.
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