Population Explosion: Boon or Bane – CSS Essay

The essay is about “Population explosion is a boon or bane? Population explosion essay. Boon or bane meaning. Population is good or bad? Positive and negative effects of population growth on economic growth. Importance of population growth. Population explosion is a boon or bane? Essay on population growth and economic development. Impacts of population growth on economy. Effect of overpopulation in Pakistan essay. Population explosion in Pakistan CSS essay.”

Population Explosion: Boon or Bane – CSS Essay

population explosion: boon or bane


“The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man”                                                                        Thomas Malthus

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Population is Boon

  • Great manpower.
  • Big consumer market.
  • Greater opportunities for investment and profitability.
  • Intensive farming.
  • Regularly rejuvenate work force.

Population is Bane

  • Scarcity of resources.
  • High rate of poverty and unemployment.
  • Low per capita income.
  • Congested cities with high rate of street crimes.
  • Environmental degradation (deforestation, pollution, global warming).

Actual Reasons of the Problem

  • Low GDP rate (low level of capital investment, lack of skill and knowledge, more rural population, government structural and policy issues).
  • Government’s inability to utilize.
  • Lack of proper social and structural policies.


  • Decision about family choice – social choice rather than economic one.
  • Today’s children tomorrow workers.
  • Can be asset only if properly feed and educated.
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