Fifth Generation Warfare/Hybrid Warfare

The post is about “Essay on fifth generation warfare in Pakistan. Hybrid Warfare in Pakistan. Hybrid warfare and challenges for Pakistan. Fifth generation warfare.”

Fifth Generation Warfare/Hybrid Warfare

fifth generation warfare


Defining war generations

  • First generation (Treaty of Westphalia 1648 after thirty years war based on nation states sovereignty which means states can hold and organize military, waged wars through straightforward and orderly means, waged war in line and column of armed soldiers).
  • Second generation (more focus on the use of technology, smaller units for maneuvering and holding lines in battlefield).
  • Third generation (German invasion of France, speed and maneuverability, overcoming technological disadvantages through clever strategy, industrial age armies over land).
  • Fourth generation (blurring lines between war and politics and combatants and civilians, in other words one of the major war participants is violent non state actor).
  • Fifth generation (no exact definition, use of social media and youth against its own country and leaders, war of non-state actors with state without clear political objectives, emanate due to frustration, won’t feature armies and clear idea, U.S. Army Major Shannon Beebe, the top intelligence officer for Africa, calls a “vortex of violence,” a free-for-all of surprise destruction motivated more by frustration than by any coherent plans for the future).

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Genesis of fifth generation war

  • Poverty and unemployment.
  • Economic deprivation (As per UNHDP Report 1.8% of global population own 86% of global wealth).
  • Political injustice.
  • State oppression.
  • Misuse of public’s spiritual sentiments.
  • Poor governance.

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Counter strategy

  • Identify them.
  • Address social, political and economic injustice.
  • Zero tolerance for religious exploitation of people.
  • Revive national spirit.
  • Insure cyber security.
  • Strict media management

The Emerging Threat Of Biological Warfare in 21st Century

Fifth Generation Warfare And Pakistan

DG ISPR Maj Gen AsifGhafoor saying “We must prepare ourselves for the 5th generation warfare being imposed on us by the enemy. All Pakistani media outlets including social media need to be aware of this threat and act accordingly.”


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