Global Power Dynamics and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

The post is about “Global power dynamics and Pakistan’s foreign policy essay. Foreign policy of Pakistan in the changing regional and global settings. Global power dynamics and Pakistan’s foreign policy.”

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Global Power Dynamics and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

global power dynamics pakistan's foreign policy


  • State design foreign policy to achieve objectives in international arena of politics.
  • Pakistan’s importance; geostrategic location and sole atomic power in Muslim world.
  • Adopt balance approach.

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Global Power Dynamics and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

  • US China cold war (unlike US and USSR tension in past, Pakistan this time has adopted balanced approach between two major power player, US and China. Successfully convinced US over CPEC.)
  • US Iran tension (In US Iran tension, Pakistan successfully kept its relations with both countries. Did not prioritized one over another. Offer mediation services in tension between US and Iran which is diplomatically a balanced approach.)
  • Saudi Iran tension (Pakistan saved Muslim Ummah from devastation by playing arbitrator role in Saudi Iran tension.)
  • Palestine issue (Pakistan backs Palestine cause on every forum and is strongly against Jews’ illegal settlements in Arab peninsula.)
  • Middle East (support every move that aims at restoring peace and stability in Syria and Iraq)
  • US Taliban peace talk (play mediator role in US Taliban peace talk and peace process in Afghanistan).


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