Everyday Science MCQs Part X

Everyday Science MCQs Part X. Everyday Science MCQs Part X.

Everyday Science MCQs Part X

1 A dwarf that has normal proportions and normal intelligence is the result of an

Underactive intelligence

2 When the circular muscles of the iris contract the size of the pupil


3 The colour of an opaque object is the colour of the light that it


4 At what temperature does water changes its shape from liquid to gaseous state?

305 degree Fahrenheit or 100 degree Celsius

5 What is the main characteristic of a mineral?

Wherever it found, it always has the same properties

6 What is quicksilver?

Another name of Mercury

7 What is the first metal known to man?


8 What are saprophytes?

Those animals and plants that get their food from the decaying remains of plants and animals

9 Bulk of modern perfumes are produced from

Coal tar

10 Antibodies are chemicals that are

Produced by the body in response to an antigen

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