Historical Places in Pakistan MCQs

11 Jinnah Mausoleum is also called

National Mausoleum

12 The design of Jinnah Mausoleum was prepared by

Yahya Merchant

13 Who was Yahya Merchant?

An Indian Farsi architect

14 Jinnah Mausoleum was opened for public on

2nd June 1970

15 Jinnah Mausoleum is located in

Karachi (Sindh)

16 The Badshahi Mosque is also called

The Emperor’s Mosque

17 Badshahi Mosque was built in


18 Badshahi Mosque was built by

Emperor Aurangzeb

19 The capacity of Badshahi Mosque for worshipers is


20 Badshahi Mosque is the

2nd Largest Mosque of Pakistan

Pakistan Army MCQs

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