Historical Places in Pakistan MCQs

31 The Lahore Fort was entirely rebuilt in

17th Century

32 Lahore Fort is located in

Lahore (Punjab)

33 Hiran Minar is located in


34 Hiran Minar was built by

Nuruddin Baig Muhammad Khan Salim

35 Noor Mahal is located in

Bahawalpur (Punjab)

36 Noor Mahal was built in


37 Noor Mahal was built by

Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV

38 Wazir Khan Mosque was built in


39 Wazir Khan Mosque was built by

Sheikh Ilmuddin Ansari

40 Who was Shaikh Ilmuddin Ansari?

Viceroy of Punjab under Shah Jehan

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