KPK PMS Screening Test 2021 Full Paper


TIME: 1 Hour 30 Minutes  Total Marks: 100

Choose the word that best match the given statement:

1 Study of heavens (Uranology)

2 Something that cannot be obliterated (Indelible)

3 Something that is cure for everything (Panacea)

4 Person who keeps to himself and does not socialize (Introvert)

KPK PMS Screening Test 2018 Full Paper

Choose word that is nearly same in meaning to the given word:

5 Insipid (Tasteless)

6 Delectable (Delicious)

7 Buoyant (Cheerful)

8 Huddle (Crowd)

9 Stupendous (Marvellous)

10 Abhor (Detest)

11 Gruesome (Disgusting)

12 Annihilate (Obliterate)

13 Laconic (Iconic)

14 Wretched (Miserable)

Choose word that is opposite in meaning to the given word:

15 Factitious (Genuine)

16 Sanguine (Pessimistic)

17 Germinate (Decay)

18 Vacillate (Resolute)

19 Oblation

20 Adamant (Unsure)

21 Insatiable (Succulent)

22 Jovial (Gloomy)

23 Voracious (Dainty)

24 Usurp (Inherit)

KPK Tehsildar/NaibTehsildar 2018 Screening Test Full Paper

Choose correct spelling of the word:

25 Auxiliary

26 Coalition

27 Voluminous

28 Guarantee

29 Subsistence

Choose the statement that best explains the idioms:

30 To turn over a new leaf (To change old habits and adopt new ones)

31 To play fast and loose (To behave immorally)

32 To be in abeyance (Temporary hold something)

33 To flog a dead horse (To waste energy on a lost cause)

34 To keep the ball rolling (To keep the momentum of an activity)

35 To throw down the glove (To give a challenge)

36 To land in hot water (To get into trouble)

37 To throw dust in one’s eyes (To deceive)

38 To save one’s face (To evade disgrace)

39 To spill the beans (To reveal secrete information)

Choose the correct option to fill the blanks:

40 Hypsometer is used for (Height above sea level)

41 Number of members of G77 group (134)

42 Are Pakistan, India and Afghanistan member of G77 (All of them)

43 SAARC resolution for 2005 to 2015 decade (Alleviate poverty)

44 SAARC HQ located at (Kathmandu, Nepal)

45 Name of OIC head to be replaced (Yusuf Ahmed)

46 Name of Declaration passed in OIC summit on 7th December 2015 (Makkah Declaration)

47 What is Sir Creek (Tidal channel in marshes of Ran of Kutch)

48 World longest river (Nile)

49 Asia longest river (Yangtze)

50 Nuskh h=Hai Wafa written by (Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

51 First Asian to get Nobel Prize was for achievement in (Literature)

52 French who refused to take Nobel Prize in Literature is (Sartre)

53 Garbochev’s ‘Glasnost’ revolution was meant to (increase openness and transparency in government institutions and governance)

54 India Got Freedom is written by (Abul Kalam Azad)

55 Kigali is capital of (Rwanda)

56 Senegal capital of (Dakar)

57 Algeria currency (Dinar)

58 Peso is currency of (Both Chile and Colombia)

59 Austria currency (Euro)

60 Cambodia currency (Riel)

61 Argentina currency (Peso)

62 City called ‘Gateway of East’ is (Beruit)

63 City known as city of canals (Venice)

64 Brasial of Pakistan (Islamabad)

65 The country known as the ‘Land Of Midnight Sun’ is (Norway)

66 The country known as the ‘The Land Of White Elephant’ is (Thailand)

67 Broadway street is famous for (Cinema Halls)

68 Who won the French Revolution of 1805? (Napoleon)

69 Napoleon was defeated at the war of Waterloo by (Duke of Wellington)

70 Who was Treasury’s candidate for Deputy Chairman Senate election of Pakistan 2021? (Mirza Muhammad Afridi)

71 Senate election of Pakistan 2021 for Chairman and Deputy Chairman held on (12 March 2021)

72 Opposition candidate for chairman Senate election 2021 (Yousaf Raza Gilani)

73 Hafiz Sheikh defeated Yousaf Raza Gillani by (5 votes)

74 Vote of Confidence was held by Imran Khan (6 April 2021) 

75 Current PM of Palestine is (Muhammad Shtayyeh)  

76 President of China (Xi Jin Ping)

77 New of Burma (Myanmar)

78 First president of USA (George Washington)

79 Allama Iqbal International Airport located at (Lahore)

80 Current speaker of KPK assembly (Mushtaq Ghani)

81 Durand line separates (Pakistan and Afghanistan)

82 Red Blood Cells carry (Oxygen)

83 Red Cross is symbol of (Hospital and medical)

84 Capital of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

85 Capital of Turkey (Ankara)

86 European Union currency (Euro)

87 Capital of Oman (Muscat)

88 Largest planet of our solar system (Jupiter)

89 Organ of UN considered as world parliament (General Assembly)

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