Important MCQs Pakistan Economy

21 the exchange value of Pakistani Rupee has fallen against other currencies because

Our imports are more than exports

22 Because of competitive advantage, Pakistan imports some goods and exports other goods

Other goods

23 Exports can be increased only by improving the quality of goods and decreasing the value

Of its currency

24 Exports and imports in Pakistan will encourage if

GNP rises

25 Which exchange rate policy Pakistan follows?

Flexible exchange rate policy

26 What percentage of Pakistan’s exports comprises its total GDP


27  If the value of Pakistani rupee falls against US dollar the prices of American goods in Pakistan will


28 What is the over all effect of Loan of IMF to Pakistan on Pakistan’s economy?

Improves capital account and overall balance of payments

29 What is the average life expectancy in Pakistan?

66 years

30 What is Infant mortality rate in Pakistan?


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