Important MCQs Pakistan Economy

important MCQs Pakistan Economy. Banking and Pakistan economic MCQs. Economy of Pakistan Quiz. Economy conditions of Pakistan MCQs. 2019, 2020

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Important MCQs Pakistan Economy

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1 In Pakistan Compensation of employees is the largest type of


2 In Pakistan, Rupee is the

Money of account

3 On which basis the government of Pakistan issue currency?

Demand for money in the country

4 Inconvertable money in Pakistan is

Paper Money

5 What determines the value of money in Pakistan?

General price level

6 A coin of rupee is a

Token money

7 What factor forces the government of Pakistan to issues more currency?

Demand for money in the country

8 General price level in Pakistan determines the

Value of money

9 What is the total number of bank branches in Pakistan?

Between 5000 to 10,000

10 What is the discount rate of State Bank of Pakistan?

Between  5% to 15%

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