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List of some of our regular authors is given below.

Ataulhaq Yusufzai

ataulhaq yusufzai - askedon

Ataulhaq Yusufzai is one of our top and regular writers. He has done master in Economics And Finance from InternationalIslamic University Islambad. He contributes mainly to Current and Pakistan Affairs section of the blog.


Rida Zainab Kharal


This is Rida Zainab Kharal, I am a scholar of Political Science, Sociology and Criminology with deep interest in analyzing Pakistan and Current Affairs. I am based in Lahore and can be reached at!



Atta ur Rehman Yusufzai

atta ur rehman

He has done CA (Inter) and currently self-employed. Atta ur Rehman contributes mainly to the Economics and Accounting section of this blog.



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