CSS 2022 Economics Paper 2

CSS 2022 Economics Paper 2. CSS Economics Past Papers.

Q 2: “In Pakistan, poverty is ruler phenomenon”. Elaborate this statement keeping in view uni-dimensional and multi-dimensional aspects of poverty.

Q 3: Keeping the economic, political and social systems in perspective, what should be successful planning strategic framework for Pakistan to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030?

CSS 2022 Economics Paper 1

Q 4: Under CPEC initiatives, what kind of industry needs to be promoted across the trade routes and why? Explain in the context of proposed industrial zones in the country.

Q 5: What are the trends and tendencies of imports and exports in Pakistan? How the country can enhance its terms of trade favourable with particular reference to trade with China.

Q 6: Clarify the difference between conventional banking and interest free banking. How interest free banking can help in the economic and financial development of Pakistan?

Q 7: Nobel Laureate Richard H. Thaler has made Economics more human. Keeping his ideas of Behavioural Economics, what sort of revolutionary changes are required in the socio-economic fabric of Pakistan?

Q 8: Write logical notes on two of the following.

  • Environmental Degradation
  • Debit dilemma of Pakistan
  • Impact of climate change
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