Political Science Paper 2 CSS 2022

Political Science Paper 2 CSS 2022. CSS Political Science Paper 2 CSS 2022.

Section A

Q 2: Define democratic peace. Highlight its basic norms and discuss how it played a vital role in the political economic integration of European Union (EU).

Q 3: Russian-Ukraine war has threatened regional political economic global integration. What policy options are available for IMF and WTO to address the new regional and global challenges in the current scenario?

Political Science Paper 1 CSS 2022

Section B

Q 4: What are the main determinants of Pakistan’s foreign policy? How Current National Capacity has become major challenge before independent foreign policy of Pakistan?

Q 5: In what circumstances might a democratic country turn to military dictatorship or totalitarian rule? Narrate it with case study.

Q 6: After World War II, nuclear race started in the world. How Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) played a vital role towards a non-proliferation and what more efforts are required to make South Asia a nuclear free zone?

Q 7: What are the main characteristics of Chinese political system? How it differs from the communist political system of USSR?

Q 8: Discuss the history of constitutional development in Pakistan since 1947. How 18th amendment is taken as a revolutionary step towards provincial autonomy in Pakistan?

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