Political Science Paper 1 CSS 2022

Political Science Paper 1 CSS 2022. CSS Political Science Paper 1 CSS 2022.

Section A

Q 2: Discuss in detail the Plato’s concept of Justice.

Political Science Paper 2 CSS 2022

Q 3: Compare and contrast the concepts of the executives presented by Muslim thinkers Al Farabi, Al Mawardi, and Shah Waliullah.

CSS 2022 Economics Paper 1

Q 4: Illustrate Hobbesian concept of limited right to revolution.

Q 5: Describe in detail Karl Marx view on class, state and religion.

International Relations IR Paper 1 CSS 2022

Section B

Q 6: Write an essay on the development of modern nation-state.

Q 7: Discuss in detail the development of local-self governments in Pakistan.

Q 8: Write short notes on the following.

  • Islamic political ideology
  • Forms of political culture
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