CSS 2022 Economics Paper 1

CSS 2022 Economics Paper 1. CSS Economics Past Papers.

Q 2: Differentiate among the won-price elasticity, cross price elasticity and income elasticity of demand. Explain the practical significance of the use of the uses of own-price elasticity and income elasticity of demand.

International Relations IR Paper 1 CSS 2022

Q 3: What happens to the interest rate if price changes along with a given Aggregate Demand Schedule? Explain with the help of the IS-LM model.

Political Science Paper 1 CSS 2022

Q 4:  Discuss the significance of investment in human capital for economic development in Pakistan.  How does the brain drain from a developing country retards the process of economic development?

Q 5: Differentiate among the tax, fee and price. Express your views about tax collection to GDP ratio of Pakistan. Suggest measures to enhance and rationalize tax revenue in Pakistan.

Q 6: State and explain the functions of a central bank. How successful the State Bank of Pakistan has been in achieving its objectives over time? Discuss.

CSS 2022 Economics Paper 2

Q 7: Specifically describe the types of inflation. Which type of inflation is the most disturbing in Pakistan? Suggest measures to address the identified inflation problem.

Q 8: Write short notes on any two of the followings.

  • Size distribution vs functional distribution of income.
  • Privatization
  • International trade and cartel
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