CSS Islamiat/Islamic Studies Paper 2022

CSS Islamiat/Islamic Studies Paper 2022. CSS Islamiat Paper 2022. CSS Islamic Studies Paper 2022.

CSS Islamiat/Islamic Studies Paper 2022

CSS Essay Paper 2022

Q 2: Explain the concept of Human rights in Islamic thought in the specification of “Status of Women in Islam”.

CSS Islamiat/Islamic Studies Paper 2023 

Q 3:  Write down the main principles of Islamic Economics. How do these principles provide solutions to the contemporary challenges?

CSS Current Affairs Paper 2022

Q 4: Elaborate on the concept and importance of Ijtihad and explain its principles.

Q 5: Explain the doctrine of Prophethood and its importance in human life.

CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2022

Q 6:  Describe Hazrat Muhammad SAW (41.710) as a Prophet of peace for the contemporary transnational world.

Q 7: Explain the reconstruction of Pakistani society in the light of Islamic Teachings.

Q 8: Describe the importance of Deen (Doctrine of life) in human life. Differentiate between Deen and Religions.

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