CSS Islamiat/Islamic Studies Paper 2023

The post contains “CSS Islamiat/Islamic Studies Paper 2023. CSS Islamiat Paper 2023. CSS Islamic Studies Paper 2023.”

CSS Islamiat/Islamic Studies Paper 2023

Below is CSS Islamic Studies paper 2023.

2 What is the Qur’anic argument on the Life Hereafter? What are its impacts on the individual and collective life of a human being?

3 Discuss the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) Role as a Model for Military Strategist.

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4 Elaborate the rights of daughter granted by Islam and how these are defined by Muslims in the contemporary world?

5 Define Ijma (consensus) and explain its different kinds. Can legislation by a parliament of an Islamic state be regarded as a valid consensus?

6 Analyze the Charter of Madina as a social contract.

7 What are the motives of extremism in Pakistan? How can the society get rid of extremism by following the teachings of Islam?

8 Write notes on the following:

  • Human rights in the light of the Sermon of Farewell Pilgrimage.
  • Social justice in an Islamic Society.
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