CSS Political Science Paper 2021

CSS Political Science Paper 2021. Political Science CSS Paper 2021. Political Science CSS paper 2021.

CSS Political Science Paper I 2022 CSS Political Science Paper I 2022

Paper I

Q. No. 2. What is the Aristotelian classification of state? (20)

Q. No. 3. What is the difference of between Rousseau’s notion of ‘the state of nature’ and that of Hobbes and Locke? (20)

Q. No. 4. Ibn I Khaldun while acknowledging the external factors, emphasizes more on the internal systemic factors as decisive for the decline of states. Elaborate. (20)

Q. No. 5. Explain the socio-political thought of Shah Waliullah which is greatly ingrained in his religio-philosophical thought. (20)


Q. No. 6. What are the political and legal constraints over the sovereignty of parliament in Pakistan? (20)

Q. No. 7. The adoption of parliamentary system in Pakistan is the result of political experiences of Pakistanis in the past. Elaborate. (20)

Q. No. 8. What is capitalism and what is its relation with democracy?

Paper II

Q. No. 2. Under the Unitary State System, how does the local government system work in the UK? (20)

Q. No. 3. How does the system of Checks and Balances work in the US political system? Explain with examples. (20)


Q. No. 4. “A strong political system needs a very strong political economy.” Prove this statement by making a comparative and analytical answer with reference to China and Malaysia. (20)

Q. No. 5. Discuss the major issues of the constitutional making process in Pakistan in 1956, 1962, and 1973. (20)

Q. No. 6. What are the major obstacles to the process of national integration in contemporary Pakistan? Suggest remedies for success of the process. (20)

Q. No. 7. Write down the major determinants of the foreign policy of Pakistan. (20)

Q. No. 8. Discuss the features of Turkish model of democracy keeping the distinguished position of the armed forces in Turkish politics.

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