General Science MCQs Part IV

91 What colour do we see in a room where there is no light?

No colour at all

92 An aeroplane is said to have crossed the sound barrier if it travels at or beyond a certain speed. What is this speed per hour?

750 miles/hour

93 How many kinds Friction has?

Two (2)

94 The TWO kinds of Friction are

Sliding and Rolling friction

95 Friction between the substances of same kind is


96 Coal is the remains of

Ancient animals and plants

97 Pure Silver does nit tarnish in pure air. When it turns black that is a sign that there is _______ in the air.


98 Planets of the Solar System shines with the light of

The sun

99 The stars twinkles because of

The disturbances in the atmosphere of different densities

100 The Two personalities that invented submarine are

Drebbel and D. Bushnell

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