General Science MCQs Part IV

61 Who started vaccination?

Edward Jenner

62 The three means of transfer of heat from hotter to colder body are

Conduction, Convection and Radiation

63 A German chemist and physicist who is considered as the father of Atom Bomb is

Otto Hahn

64 What is the temperature of the surface of the sun?

11,000 F

65 Dew occurs when temperature of the cool surface drops below a certain level or point. What is it called?


66 Which is the most common and popular industrial fuel?


67 Which gas is used to help people suffer from Asthma to breathe better?

Helium gas

68 A Proton is heavier than


69 Energy is obtained by splitting the atom. But do you know where does in the atom energy resides?

In the core

70 A radiator will emit the most heat if it is


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