General Science MCQs Part IV

81 The part of the total gravitational force which is required to constrain a body to move in a circular path is called

Centripetal force

82 Leukaemia is a type of cancer in which there is an abnormal increase in nuber of

White Blood Cells

83 The life functions that a virus apparently performs are

Respiration and Reproduction

84 As the gradient of a stream increase, its ability to carry materials


85 Out of the following radiations the maximum energy of Photons is with

X Rays

86 In a semi-conductor, mobility of holes is

Equal to that for electrons

87 An object is projected upwards with a velocity of 100 M/S. It will strike the ground in about

20 Seconds

88 What will be the main source of energy for mankind in distant future?

Atomic Energy

89 The Telephone was invented by

Graham Bell

90 Those colours that are obtained by mixing some other colours are called

Secondary colours

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