Pakistan’s Failure in Kashmir Issue – 8 Great Failures

The post discusses “Pakistan’s failure in Kashmir Issue. Pakistan’s failure in Kashmir cause. Pakistan’s failure in Kashmir Issue.”

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Pakistan’s Failure in Kashmir Issue CSS

On 5th August 2019, India revoked Article 370 of its constitution and nullified the special status of Jammu and Kashmir valley. This special status in one way or another was representing the valley of Jammu and Kashmir being disputed. Now when India has officially abrogated Article 370 and has merged the valley as union states in India, it shows Pakistan’s failure in Kashmir Cause who could not stop India from taking this illegal step. This failure in whole is the result of some the following individual failed steps.

pakistan's failure in kashmir issue

Kashmir Issue Main Points

Inconsistent Policy: Pakistan’s policy on Kashmir Issue has always remained inconsistent. Every government has adopted its own policy and has kept it on a position of its own choice on its to-do list. This inconsistency in policy cost Pakistan failure to keep Kashmir Issue alive at international level which ultimately resulted in the revocation of Article 370 and annulment of Jammu and Kashmir special status.

Failed To Raise At UN:  Another major failure of Pakistan is to raise the issue time and again at United Nations Organization (UNO), and at its various platforms such as United Nations Security Council (UNSC), United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) and United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). In United Nations Security Council, Russia was strong supporter of India. If Pakistan had successfully convinced her, today the fate of Kashmir would be different. 

Pakistan And The Future Of Kashmir Cause

Failure At OIC: Pakistan also failed to raise the issue and united members of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) on Kashmir Issue. This in reality is a major failure of Pakistan, who is a close ally of Saudi Arabia who basically controls and run the organization.

Failed To Compel India To Follow UNSC Resolutions: Pakistan also failed to compel India in the beginning through international community to follow United Nations Security Council Resolutions for resolving Kashmir Issue.


Though United Nations Organization and United Nations Security Council failed to resolve Kashmir Issue on time but the role of Pakistan in resolving the issue is questionable at first place. She did not play the role which she was required to play.

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