Pakistan And The Future Of Kashmir Cause

The post will explain “Pakistan and the future of Kashmir cause. How Pakistan can successfully pursue Kashmir cause especially after recent developments? Pakistan and the future of Kashmir cause essay.

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Pakistan And The Future Of Kashmir Cause

The recent developments that have took place in India and Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), where Indian Parliament has revoked decades’ old Article 370 and Article 35A of Indian constitution and has put millions of people house arrest, have made the role of Pakistan more critical in this regard.  By revoking both articles and repealing the special status of Kashmir, India has tried to show the world that Kashmir is no more an international issue and that it is now an integral part of the Union. In such state of affairs Pakistan has left the following options to pursue the cause of Kashmir in future.

pakistan and the future of kashmir cause

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Vibrant Diplomatic Missions

Pakistan should contact those friendly states that maintain an important position in Indian foreign policy and that can successfully exert diplomatic pressure on India to solve the conflict through negotiation or at least lessen the suffering of Kashmiris. United States of America, Japan, Russia and Great Britain are some of the friendly states that Pakistan should contact immediately.

Understanding Article 370 And 35 A

Consult International Court Of Justice

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi on 20th August 2019, has announced that Pakistan will take the dispute to International Court of Justice on the basis of gross human rights violation that Indian military is conducting in the valley. This would be a good move and let’s hope that the court unlike United Nations Security Council (UNSC) play a neutral role and gave its judgment based on the principles of justice and equality.

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Impel United Nations Organizations

Despite the fact that United Nations Organizations (UNO) and its Security Council over the past seven decades could not take any practical step in solving the issue but still Pakistan needs to contact the organization time and again and try to compel them to play role in solving the issue peacefully.

Resolution Of Kashmir Issue Can Bring Peace And Prosperity In The Region

Demand The Cancellation of Indian Seat at Organization Of Islamic Countries

Though the recent developments have shown that Saudi led Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has no interest in solving the conflict, either on human rights or on Muslim Ummah basis, but still Pakistan being a permanent member of the organization should try to demand the cancellation of Indian observer status in the organization. Her membership in the organization should be linked with solving the issue on permanent basis.

Kashmir Issue Main Points And Its Causes

Platform of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Being a permanent member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Pakistan also has an option to raise the issue at SCO platform and ask the member states to play a role in solving the issue. Regional security is one of the primary objectives of SCO and Kashmir conflict is a great danger to the security of South Asia if not solved peacefully.

Convince USA to Play Role

Pakistan should convince United States of America (USA) to play role in the peaceful solution of Kashmir conflict. She possesses enough leverage over both Pakistan and India and can easily convince India to come to negotiating table for solving the issue.

Pakistan’s Failure in Kashmir Issue

Contact Russia

Though Russia has much close relations with India than Pakistan but still being an important major political player in the region, Pakistan should contact her and asked her to play a role in the peaceful settlement of the conflict.  

European Union

Pakistan should also knock the door of European Union and ask its member states to play role in this regard. European Union member states have close trade relations with India and they can easily convince India or at least lessen the burden of people of Kashmir for now.

Challenge Faced By Pakistan

As compare to Pakistan, India due to its huge consumer market held an important position for all important international political players. Due to this reason every state will first look into its own objectives and will make sure they remained unharmed and only then will be able to make a move.

Solution Of Kashmir Issue

Final Statement

Though the recent developments have made Pakistan’s position weaker over Kashmir issue but still with the help of above mentioned steps Pakistan can easily pursue Kashmir cause but only for a limited time as with each passing day Kashmir issue is losing public attention globally.

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