Abbreviations quiz with answers for General Knowledge

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Abbreviations Quiz with Answers For General Knowledge

Abbreviations quiz with answers. Important Abbreviations quiz with answers for general knowledge test preparation. Full form quiz with answers.

1 LED stands for?

Light Emitting Diode

2 What is AMU?

Atomic Mass Unit

General Knowledge 3200 MCQs

3 What is ABM?

Anti-Ballistic Missile

4 What is THAAD?

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense

5 AM stands for?

Ante Maridiem (Before Noon/Midday)

Abbreviation MCQs Part III

6 PM stands for?

Post Meridiem

7 BC stands for?

Before Christ

8 AD stands for?

Anno Domini

9 AC stands for?

Alternating Current/Air Conditioning

10 What is ATM?

Automated Teller Machine (Banking)

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