Best Scoring Subjects For CSS – 7 High Scoring Subjects

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Best Scoring Subjects For CSS

No one can say for sure which subjects in CSS exam are best scoring and which are not. It solely depends upon aspirant preparation, his/her understanding of the subject and no doubt his/her luck. For an aspirant one subject may prove scoring but it is not necessary the same subject may also prove scoring for another aspirant too.   

Best Combination Of Subjects For CSS

Most Scoring Subjects in CSS

There is a general perception that theoretical subjects are most likely considered scoring subjects in CSS exam which is not true. If we look at the detail marks sheet certificate of CSS 2020 topper, Maheen Hassan, her optional subjects were;

1 Accountancy and Auditing

2 Applied Mathematics

3 Statistics

4 Business Administration

5 Mercantile Law

This means securing good score in a paper does not depend upon its subject. It however depends on the understanding and preparation of an aspirant.

High Scoring Subjects in CSS

Best Scoring Subjects For CSS

To opt high scoring subjects for CSS exam, please follow these steps before choosing a subject.

To choose best scoring subjects for CSS exam, please try to opt those subjects whose syllabuses are interlinked as much as possible. In this way you would not have to work for each subject separately.

For example, it is a good choice to opt International Relations along with History of USA/US History. By preparing International Relations syllabus completely, 30-40% of US History syllabus is prepared automatically.

Second important step is to choose those subjects whose syllabus is short. Like for example, the syllabus of Gender Studies is one of the shortest syllabuses in CSS optional subjects.

Third point is, opt only that subject which you understand and prepare easily. 

Do not opt your degree subject if are not very good at it.

Never opt a subject just because it was opted by one of CSS toppers. The logic is very simple. The topper might have good command over it, which you might have not.

Our Recommended Best Scoring Subjects For CSS

International Relations

Town Planning And Urban Management

History of USA

Gender Studies

International Law

Muslims Law and Jurisprudence

Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi

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