Borders Of Pakistan MCQs

Borders of Pakistan MCQs. Geography of Pakistan MCQs. Neighboring countries of Pakistan MCQs. What is Pak-Iran border name? MCQs about boundaries of Pakistan. Borders of Pakistan MCQs.

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Borders Of Pakistan MCQs

borders of pakistan mcqs

1 What is the total length of Pakistan boundaries?

7,307 Kilo Meters

2 What is the length of Pak-Afghan border?

2,430 Kilo Meters

3 What is the length of Pak-Iran border?

959 Kilo Meters

4 What is the length of Pak-India border?

3,323 Kilo Meters

5 What is the length of Pak-China border?

595 Kilo Meters

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6 Pakistan shares its longest border with which country?


7 What is the length of Pakistan coastline?

1,146 Kilo Meters

8 What is the name of Pak-Afghan border?

Durand Line

9 What is the name Pak-Iran border?

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10 What are the neighboring countries of Pakistan?

Afghanistan, Iran, China, India

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