CSS Current Affairs Paper 2023

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CSS Current Affairs Paper 2023

Below is the CSS Current Affairs Paper 2023.

2. Discuss historic Pakistan and Turkey bilateral relations beyond the areas of socio-economic and strategic realms. Explain its geopolitical ripple effects in the Himalayas, the Arabian Peninsula and the South Caucasus.

3. The UN Climate Summit (COP – 27) in Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt) discussed Pakistan catastrophic summer floods exacerbated by climate change and the country is facing imminent threat of epidemic and other multi-dimensional dangers. Discuss the COP-27 roadmap to face the challenges of climate change and proposed measures for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Pakistan.

4. Discuss the core causes of Russian invasion of Ukraine which have considerable socio, political and strategic consequences on the world. Explain its devastating impacts on Pakistan and its severe lesson for the country’s survival.

5. Discuss the project idea of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is the great leap forward of economic regionalization in the globalized world. Explain its potential advantages, challenges and future prospects.

6. November 15, 2022 will be a historic date in humanity’s history because at this date the Earth’s population reached to the 8 million mark. Critically discuss that 21st century is a century of rapid population growth which has devastating negative impact in the world. Explain the severe consequences rapid population growth which will affect to every country on earth.

7. Critically discuss the conceptualized energy’s influence on the world geo-politics and its distinctiveness of global energy governance.

8. Critically discuss that why Pakistan’s economic growth continues “Balance of payments” constraints which is one of the core cause to keep the foreign exchange reserves under pressure. Do you think that Pakistan’s export performance remains the most relevant long-term challenge to alleviate the balance of payments constraints for sustained economic growth and explain radical structural reforms to improve export performance? 

current affairs paper css 2023
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