CSS International Relation Paper 2023

CSS International Relation Paper 2023. International Relations CSS Paper 2023. International Relations Paper 1. International Relations Paper 2.

CSS International Relation Paper 2023 – Paper I

2 Discuss the main principles of Constructivism in International Relations. Give a comparative analysis of Constructivism and Realism with examples.

3 What are the best policy options to deal with asymmetric warfare?

4 Role of IMF in developing countries is a contested issue in academic research. What are some positive and negative implications on low income countries?

5 Discuss the significance of IAEA. Critically evaluate its role in nuclear non-proliferation.

6 Do you think global power structure is passing through transition? What are the contours of big power strategic realignment?

7 Discuss the concept of state sovereignty. What are the major arguments about non- interference in International Law?

8 Does China’s rise challenge the global political system? What are the implications on Balance of Power Politics?

International Relations CSS Past Papers

CSS International Relation Paper 2023 – Paper II

2 John Mearsheimer blames the United States for the ongoing Ukraine Crisis. How do you assess this crisis? Support your argument by drawing  empirical evidence from the conflict scenario.

3 What are the various stands of the Indo-Pacific construct of the US and its allies? What are the options for Pakistan to deal with the significance assigned to India  in the Indo-Pacific region?

4 Write a detailed note on evolving domestic political dynamics of Afghanistan in the wake of US withdrawal from the country. Discuss key constraints to Pakistan’s foreign policy to Afghanistan.

5 Pakistan is reckoned among the top 10 most vulnerable countries to climate change. What urgent policy measures Pakistan need to initiate to mitigate the climate effects?

6 Pakistan has affirmed its commitment to the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). How modest is Pakistan’s progress on SDGs and what are the challenges that Pakistan faces in realizing these goals?

7 How has India’s scrapping of its constitutional law (articles 370 and 35A) that grants special status to the Indian administered Kashmir impacted the legal standing of Kashmir dispute?

8 How are international financial institutions i.e. FATF, IMF and multilateral organizations used as tool of coercion and what are options for countries like Pakistan to safeguard their interests?

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