CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2023

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CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2023

Below is CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2023.

2 Write a detailed and systematic analysis of the charismatic leadership of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the leaders of Indian Muslims during the crisis ridden decade of 1937-47.

3 Having the largest irrigation system in the world, the land of Subcontinent served as the main food supply basket for the British power for more than a century, but now Pakistan has to import food commodities. Discuss in detail the causes of this agriculture decline.

CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2022

4 Industrialization is the backbone of the modern economic system and uplifts the standard of living of the masses. Elaborate causes for the hindrance of industrial development in Pakistan.

5 The evolution of democratic system has always remained a dilemma in Pakistan, even after passing more than seven decades of its existence the democracy could not get its roots. Discuss in detail.

6 Joining the US led coalition in the war against terrorism has many short and long term repercussion for Pakistan. Elaborate.

7 Pakistan is located on the cross road of South Asia. Explain its geo strategic/political importance and challenges.

8 Pakistan is considered to be the fifth largest youth bulge country in the world. Given this youth bulge, deliberate on ways forward for Sustainable Economic Development in Pakistan.

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