CSS Political Science Paper 2023

CSS Political Science Paper 2023. CSS Political Science Past Papers 2023. Political Science CSS Past Papers 2023.

CSS Political Science Paper 2023 – Paper I

Section A

2 Explain Bentham’s greatest happiness of the greatest number.

3 What are Al Ghazali’s pre-requisites for becoming a Khalifa?

4 Expounds Iqbal vision for rise of Muslims in South Asia in the era of colonialism.

5 Write short notes on the following.

  • Existentialism is  humanism
  • Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am)

Section B

6 Rights and duties are two facets of the same coin. Elaborate.

7 In an Islamic State, Islam is considered a complete code of life, which provides guidelines for proper management of political power. Elaborate.

8 What are salient features of a professional and political bureaucracy?

CSS Political Science Past Papers

CSS Political Science Paper 2023 – Paper II

Section A

2 The people of South Asia had suffered because of missed opportunities for regional development, connectivity and cooperation. Evaluate the performance of SAARC in th light of this statement.

3 “The military’s political role has undermined civilian institutions and the growth of democratic political culture.” Analyze civil military relations in Pakistan.

Section B

4 WTO is a tool of developed countries to be used for exploitation of developing countries. Do you agree? Give your arguments.

5 Pakistan China friendship is based on reciprocal developments. Analyze.

6 Judicial activism is the natural corollary of poor governance in Pakistan. Do you agree?

7 What do you understand by the term “Start Up” and How Start Up culture can be developed in Pakistan?

8 Despite the enactment of 18th amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, the question of political devolution is as yet largely unresolved. Discuss.  

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