Feminist Movements in Pakistan CSS – The 2 Major Groups

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Feminist Movements in Pakistan

The worldwide feminist activism has its influence on Pakistan and its society too. In the country feminists today have more freedom and liberty than ever before. They are free to demonstrate and demand more rights and have the power to influence national planning and policies.

What Type Of Feminism Do We Need in Pakistan?

Islamic Feminism in Pakistan

Broadly speaking, there are two major categories of feminist movements that are at work in Pakistan today. One group of feminist is that which believes in demanding more rights and liberty for women within the limits of Islamic teachings. The group headed by Asma Barlas, Riffat Hassan and Amina Wadood basically follows the agenda of Modern Islamic feminism. They seek women’s rights by redefining Islamic views and focusing on the female centric laws of Islam. This form of feminism largely appeals the lower, middle and the upper middle class of society which looks to religion for answers.

Women Rights Issue in Pakistan

Western Feminist Movement in Pakistan

The other group of feminists which follows western feminism to secure more rights and liberty for women in society is headed by Fouzia Saeed and Shahnaz Rouse. They believed that feminism is an extension of basic human rights regardless of any religious connotations. Their feminism is therefore known as secular feminism.

Status Of Women’s And Gender Studies In Pakistan

In Pakistan feminist saw their first success in 1960’s when Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (MFLO) was passed that was pushed by the All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA). Muslim Family Laws Ordinance put some restrictions on men’s arbitrary right of divorce. Similarly it also gave women some rights regarding child custody and maintenance.

My Body My Choice Pakistan

Feminist movements in Pakistan however gained real momentum in 1980’s especially during Zia’s regime when Hudood Ordinance was passed. In urban areas of Pakistan all feminist movements of 1980’s were headed by Women’s Action Forum (WAF) established in 1981.

Reasons Responsible For Gender Inequality In Pakistan

During Benazir Bhuttos’s two terms government in Pakistan, feminism in the country gained new roots. Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and feminist groups were given more power and liberty to work for the empowerment, development and advancement of women in the country.

Western Versus Islamic Feminism

During Nawaz government of 1997, feminist movements lose some grounds which were soon recovered during Pervez Musharaf regime in the country. Pervez Mushraf government encouraged women’s participation in sports, media, politics and other social and political activities.

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The past three Aurat Marches (2020, 2019 and 2018) have made feminist movements in Pakistan more controversial than ever before. Their slogan and placards have not only received stern criticism countrywide but also has put a drift in feminist group of Pakistan. For better future and success of feminist movements in Pakistan, it is necessary that all feminist organizations should work by keeping in mind the socio-culture pattern of the country.  

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