Gender Studies MCQs Solved

Gender Studies MCQs solved of CSS past papers. Gender Studies solved MCQs PDF free download. CSS past papers solved Multiple Choice Questions.

Gender Studies MCQs Solved

1 What is APWA?

All Pakistan Women’s Association

2 Attributes associated with girls and women are called


3 Attributes associated with boys and men are called


4 Women empowerment begins at


5 Which is older? Gender Studies or Women’s Studies?

Women’s Studies

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6 What is CEWS?

Center of Excellence for Gender Studies

7 The first master degree program in Women’s Studies in Pakistan began in


8 Who was market supervisor during the reign of Second Caliph?

 Al Shifa bint Abdullah

9 Who coined the phrase Queer Theory?

Teresa de Laurites

10 When was the phrase Queer Theory used for the first time?


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