Pakistan Population Census 2017 MCQs

91 As per 2017 census report the most populated division of Punjab is

Lahore Division

92 According to 2017 census report the least populated division of Punjab is

Sahiwal Division

93 In Pakistan, as per 2017 census report, which area has experienced fastest growth rate?

Islamabad, The Capital Territory of Pakistan

94 What is the population growth rate of Islamabad, according to 2017 census report?

4.91 percent

95 What is the population of Quetta division?


96 The population of Sibi Division according to census report is


97 What is the total population of Lahore division?


98 As per census report the population of Sahiwal division is


99 According to the population census report of 2017 the population of Malakand division is


100 What is the total population of D.I Khan division according to 2017 census data?


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