Pakistan Population Census 2017 MCQs

21 The result of sixth census contained data from all parts of the country except

Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan

22 According to the sixth census data, what is the total population of Pakistan?

207.77 Million

23 The data of the census shows that since 1998, the population of Pakistan has increased by

2.4 percent

24 In Pakistan what was the annual population growth rate between 1981 and 1998?

2.69 percent

25 The 2017 census report shows that the population growth rate of Pakistan has reduced

Only by 0.29 percent

26 The population of Bangladesh according to her latest census is

30 Million Less than Pakistan

27 According to the 2017 census report, up to 60 percent of the Pakistan population is

Under the age of thirty (30)

28 After the 2017 census report, Pakistan has become

Fifth highly populated country in the world

29 Pakistan’s population constitute how much of the world population?

2.61 percent of the world population

30 What is the median age of Pakistan according to the census report?

22.7 years

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