Pakistan Population Census 2017 MCQs

31 What is the total land area of Pakistan?

796,096 square km

32 What is the population density of Pakistan according to 2017 census report?

256 KM2 (per kilometre square)

33 Urban population constitute how much percentage of Pakistan’s total population?

36 percent

34 Rural population according to the census report of 2017 constitute what percentage of the total population?

64 percent

35 What is the agriculture contribution in Pakistan’s total GDP?


36 According to a report conducted by a private organization, how many Pakistanis have access to mobile phones?

75 percent people have mobile phones

37 According to the census report how many mobile phones are added to Pakistani society each month?

One million   

38 According to the 2017 census report the total men population of Pakistan is

10.64 Million (106,449,322)

39 What is the total population of women according to the 2017 census report?

10.13 Million (101,314,780)

40 What is the total population of trans-genders in Pakistan, according to the census report of 2017?


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