Pakistan Population Census 2017 MCQs

81 The least populated district of Punjab is


82 The total number of divisions in Balochistan are


83 Among the six divisions of Balochistan which is the most populated division according to 2017 census report?

Quetta Division

84 Which is the least populated division of Balochistan according to the 2017 census report?

Sibi Division

85  KPK has how many total districts?


85 Among the seven divisions of KPK which one is the most populated according to 2017 census report?

Malakand Division

86 The least populated division Of KPK is

Dera Ismail Khan Division

87 In Sindh there are how many divisions?


88 Among the six divisions of Sindh the most populated division is

Karachi Division

89 The least populated division of Sindh as per census 2017 data is

Mirpur Khas Division

90 In Punjab the total numb er divisions is


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